RRB ALP Analysis & All Questions Asked 30th August 2018

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RRB ALP Analysis Questions Asked 30th August 2018

30th August, Technician Solve Paper Download, if you have participated in the examination then you will get full information about this paper here and there are some instructions which are necessary for this examination, and as soon as the official key If the website will be released, then the Railway ALP 30 August Answer Key 2018 can download, and before we sit in this exam, this article will prove to be very important for you.

RRB ALP 30 August Question Paper With Answers Download

In order to qualify for the first stage of the recruitment process, candidates need to get minimum marks, which is a computer based test. Only those people who will get equal or more points of cut off points, will be considered for the next stage of the recruitment process.

Category Minimum Cut off marks
General 40%
OBC 30%
SC / ST 25%

RRB Technician 30th August 2018 Solved Paper Download

  • Rhombus one side was given and the area is also given. You need to find the sum of lengths of diagonals.
  • Pipe A can fill the whole tank in 25 mins, pipe B in 30 mins, and pipe C empties 3 gallons/min. Together if they will fill the tank in 15 mins. What is the tank’s capacity?
  • When was Magna- Carta system started in India?- 1215
  • Which river is situated in the Panjim city?- Mandovi
  • Who is the chairperson of FTII? – Anupam Kher
  • In 2017, who received the Moortidevi Award? – Joy Goswami
  • Name the Indian bank which has the maximum number of branches in India? – SBI Bank
  • Which dam is situated on the banks of Krishna River? – Nagarjuna Sagar Dam
  • Where was the 2018 Bimstec Summit 2018 held?- Nepal
  • In which State is ‘Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra’ Mosque is situated? – Ajmer, Rajasthan
  • 122+372 – 3/1116*372 ? – 493
  • If the present age ratio of A & B is 1: 2, 5 years ago the ratio was 1:3, what will be the age ratio 5 years henceforth?- 3:5
  • LCM of 37,111,148 = 444
  • 72 % of x = 90? – 125
  • 2/3rd of Pizza cost – 45 Rs, then 3/5th of Pizza is?
  • What is the Formula for Sodium Carbonate- Na2CO3
  • Which instrument is used to measure blood pressure? – Sphygmomanometer
  • Where is the headquarter of Coir board situated?- Kochi
  • Which president of USA was elected twice but not consecutively? – Grover Cleveland
  • Name the book written by Shatrughan Sinha?- Anything but Khamosh
  • Name the Chief Minister of Tripura – Biplab Kumar Deb
  • Name the Chairperson of ISRO – Prof. Satish Dhawan
  • Chemical reaction for Nacl + H2O= NaoH +Hcl
  • X and Y are walking in the opposite direction if the Y’s shadow is on X when they meet. Then X faces which direction?
  • Alkali elements come in which group? – Group 1 of the periodic table

As soon as the exam is completed, some questions of the exams given by our students will be made available to you, as well as You will be able to download the RRB ALP 30 August Answer Key, which will help you to know that in the RRB ALP exam How many points did you get correct or wrong?

RRB ALP Answer Key 2018 Important Dates
Exam Date 30 Aug 2018
Informal Answer Key Same day after the Exam
RRB ALP Official answer key Few Days after the Exam (tentative)

Railway ALP & Technician 30 August paper Solution Check

The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) will publish the RRB ALP Question Paper with the Answers for the 30 August 2018 examination on the official website. Official RRB ALP Answer Key 2018 and the question paper will be available later. For the examination of 30th August, the informal answer key and question papers of RRB ALP will be uploaded online, on coaching institute or body website which will issue it. Candidates will be able to easily take advantage of this page. With the help of the RRB ALP Question Paper with the reply of 30 August 2018, the candidates can check their answers and can predict their scores in the examination. Learn more about RRB ALP Question Paper with answer from this page.

RRB ALP Official Website :- Click Here

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